Build Back Better” has become the slogan of choice for the post-Covid 19 era of economic recovery and revival. Everybody from the TUC to the Conservative Party here in Britain to Joe Biden in the USA seem to think it’s a great slogan and in its basic conception it is: to build an economy and society which is better in the future than it was in the past. Clearly, however, it means a lot different to some people than it does to others.

What the Tories mean by ‘Build Back Better” varies from day to day and from the Prime Minister to the likes of local MP’s like Chris Green. It is also dependent on whether we regard it as what they say or what they do for these are

The article will outline the trades union alternative to the tsunami of job losses, pay cuts, increased competition for job vacancies and having to make ends meet on universal credit which most political commentators are predicting will follow the ending of the Government’s jobs furlough scheme and worsening recession in the economy.

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