Bolton TUC vow to fight every cut

Bolton TUC understands that Bolton Council’s Chief executive has written to our recognised trade unions regarding a shortfall of over £37m in the 2021/2022 financial year with a further £2m in the following year.

This is the worst possible news for the people of Bolton which comes on the back of 10 years of austerity and as we have just moved into Tier 3.

There can be few savings to be had from Bolton’s budgets without hitting the most vulnerable with any job loses further impacting upon the towns shrinking economy and we call upon parliament to find the funds that we need to make up this shortfall. 

Nationally we have seen billions of pounds of our taxpayers money wasted on failed contracts pushed through under special powers without any due diligence whatsoever

In the last week we heard from Mark Logan the MP for Bolton NE that the Prime minister has Bolton’s back and we call upon Mr Logan alongside the other 2 Bolton MPs to contact the PM and insist that central government meets this £39m shortfall.

Should they fail in these efforts we invite all three MP’s to meet with Bolton TUC to develop a strategy to save the services and jobs from any cuts

To those who find their occupations at risk the local trade unions will support you, Bolton Council have very effective recognised trade unions in Unison, GMB and Unite and they will work tirelessly to protect your jobs

Those of you that are not in a Trade Union should join one today

For those of you that feel this will impact upon you negatively then we welcome you to contact us, your local councillor and MP before anyone makes a decision to make budget cuts they must be fully aware of the consequences of their decision   

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