A TUC guide for trade union members and reps

We have seen a big increase in the number of transphobic hate crimes recorded by police forces in England, Scotland and Wales. This is a rise that cannot be explained solely by an increase in confidence trans people have in reporting hate crime incidents to the police.

Unions, reps and our members have an essential role to play in fighting all forms of discrimination, including transphobia and transphobic hate incidents and crimes. Workplace representatives are key in supporting a trans member in the workplace. As with all union best practice it is best to negotiate policies on trans inclusion and equality before any issues arise.

This guide will help you understand what transphobic hate incidents is, what to do if you witness a transphobic hate incident, how to report the incident, and tips for reducing transphobia in the workplace.

Download guide (pdf)

Special thanks to TUC LGBT+ Committee, Equality Officers, TUC affiliated unions and Melanie Stray, Hate Crime Policy & Campaigns Manager from Galop for the support in putting this guide together.

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