Bolton 2021 Budget

Bolton TUC is calling upon all elected members of Bolton Council to reject any proposal to make such massive cuts to the Bolton Budget

Such cuts will have devastating effects upon the most vulnerable people of Bolton and thrust hundreds into unemployment.

Councillors should be under no illusion that such cuts will reduce the quality of life of many of our neighbours and put unimaginable pressure upon carers and other statutory services which are already buckling under the pressure of the Pandemic.

The hundreds of council job losses will be compounded by the jobs losses of those who rely on those council staff to buy their services in the struggling retail and service sectors.

We have heard much from the prime minister about his levelling up agenda and indeed from the Bolton NE MP who declared the Boris had Boltons back, well now is the time to turn those sound bites into practical support for the people of Bolton.

It is time for councillors to set aside party politics and consider what their vote on Wednesday will mean, and it can only mean one of two things, either they want to send a clear message to central government that enough is enough and central government must intervene, or, they are happy to put hundreds of workers onto benefits and the most vulnerable people of Bolton into the worst hardship of their lifetimes.

Kevin Allsop

Secretary, Bolton TUC

One thought on “Press release – Proposed Budget Cuts

  1. I have worked for Bolton council for over 20 years. I and my colleagues have worked through COVID we have held the hands of the elderly as they died with COVID we have put ourselves and our families at risk of death. What thanks do we get? Nothing but a slap in the face again. Why not try stepping into our shoes, why not try phoning someone’s daughter to tell them that there mother/ father has died tell them that you held there mothers hand and prayed with her as she took her last breath.

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