Johnny Campbell, a West Yorkshire based folk musician is set to release a song called “Winter Hill Trespass” about the dramatic events of September 1896, when thousands of Bolton people took part Britain’s biggest ever rights of way dispute in defiance of wealthy landowner, Colonel Ainsworth.  

Johnny is preparing for a limited edition release on the 16th March of his ‘Winter Hill Trespass’ song on vinyl single format. There will also be a limited edition collection of merchandise including vinyl, tea towel, t-shirt which will be supported by a Kickstarter campaign.

Johnny Campbell said: “it’s really important for us to celebrate the history of ordinary people. Their struggles, fights, battles lost and won have helped to shape the world around us today. So much of ordinary people’s everyday life has been forgotten and lost. We often hear about the history of the wealthy and powerful, but for me that is the history of the 1%. I want songs that tell the history of the 99%, the history of ordinary people, it’s a powerful history that we need to keep alive. Most people today, still have more in common with a Boltonian mill worker in the 1890s than with a wealthy landowner”.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Johnny Campbell has toured extensively, playing in a range of locations including the Faroe Islands and Norway. In common with many other musicians, over the past year, Johnny has been limited to performing and sharing his music online. He is hoping that once Covid restrictions are lifted he will be able to perform in Bolton as part of the Winter Hill 125 celebrations.

More information about Johnny Campbell, his music and how to order copies of his single is available on line via:



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