Gleeful conservatives win vote to cut £37,000,000

Bolton Full Council Meeting on the 17th February 2021 voted to cut £37 million pounds in the coming financial year

Click here to see Bolton Council’s budget report and click here to see the latest council meeting.

One after another, Councillors stated “these are savage cuts, these are devastating cuts, we don’t want faceless bureaucrats in here running our council, it is our role to run this town”…it certainly can be interpreted that it is far better that they cut services and sack workers rather than some faceless bureaucrat! The councillors who voted for these cuts or abstained were only interested in protecting their own positions.


If you live in Bolton the we are asking asking you to write to your local ward councillors, of which there are 3 in each ward, and to hold them to account.
As a union member, please play your part to challenge these cuts. 

We are stronger when we challenge together and when we resist together.

Please find attached a pro forma letter, to either use in its entirety or in part and a link below to find out who your councillor is.

Find your local councillors – GOV.UK (

If you do not live in Bolton, then you can use part of the letter to write to the Leader of the council, Councillor David Greenhalgh. You can outline your concerns about the cuts to services this council provides.

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