Boris Johnson and his clown car government have let slip any suggestion that they are the party of working people as he prepares to announce an increase in national insurance contributions to fund health and social care, and, rip up the triple lock, thereby break 2 manifesto promises

Today 07/09/2021, Johnson will reveal plans to break two manifesto commitments increasing national insurance by 1.25% and to breaking the pensions triple-lock, possibly the single decent thing that they have ever done, a pledge to increase the state pension each year in line with the rising cost of living, increasing average wages, or 2.5%, whichever is greatest.

The increase in NI will costs the lowest paid £255 per year on top of the removal of £20pw Universal Credit and further shrink local economies and generate unemployment.

If Johnson is serious about levelling up then there is a simple equitable answer open to him.

During 2020 the combined wealth of UK billionaires increased by 21.7% (£106.582 bn) and policy makers are talking about increasing National Insurance to pay for social care rather than a wealth tax is testament to the ability of the rich to convert £s into political power.

The burden of tax should fall on the shoulders of those more able to stand the loss so the £106.582bn should be used to pay for Social Care and to retain the triple lock along with a progressive taxation regime that will see those who wouldn’t notice the loss paying more

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