Earlier this year a few of us began preparations for a weekend of activities at Bolton Central Library as part of Black History Month. Covid 19 put all our preparations on hold. However, the shocking death of George Floyd mobilised many to protest, and to assert that Black Lives Matter, opening up a dialogue around the world about issues such as injustice, police brutality and systemic racism.

By setting up a facebook group for those of us concerned with these issues in Bolton, we are hopeful that we can help to maintain a momentum that will keep Black Lives Matters on the agenda locally, as well as acknowledging Black History Month.

We are looking to recruit members to the group who are willing to help promote a clearer understanding of Black issues amongst the wider public. We hope we can all appreciate that the general public are deliberately kept ignorant about many aspects of history be it of the working class or any form of oppression from any corner of the globe. By knowing and informing each other of our past, we can plan and prepare a better future.

If you would like further information about the group or to join then please e-mail Marlene Stringfellow at: marlene.stringfell@gmail.com

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